Social Media Reports

Social Media Reporting & Reputation Management

The smartest way to manage your online reputation is to have all the data in one place, on hand. We provide the data or we can help you with your online reputation management. Our reports bring all of the factors that contribute to your business’s social media presence in one place, so you can take control of your reputation. No time? With our DIFM - do it for me level, we help you and do it for you. Business fact: when your business performs exceptionally with customers, referrals only happen when the customer is happy and satisfied.

Have you ever started out on a Saturday night, looking for a new restaurant with a bad reputation? I don't think anyone wants to conscientiously subject themselves to that. No one wants a bad experience when they are spending their money - on anything. From dining out, to hotels, cars, doctors, home services and even public spaces like parks - those business all have a reputation to maintain if they want to stay in business.

Your reputation counts

Your Online Reputation Counts - Reports:

Now more than ever before, the success of your business depends on your online reputation matters and your future customers rely on what others are saying about your offerings. Our timely reports will help you wade through the flotsam of social media so that you can effectively and efficiently respond. With our reports, you can get to the heart of each post without visiting each platform.

Report Benefits

  •  One Report Many Platforms:

Why spend precious time logging in and out of the platforms you love and miss out on the ones your customers and potential customers love. Each platform affects your reputation and has their unique followers and they could be your next customer - or not. Your customers are checking reviews everywhere, don't get lost in the shuffle!

  •  Save Time:

Each week or each month, drill through all the platforms and respond to the postings. If you sign up for the DIFM - do it for me level, we provide the postings in real time, when they happen. So that whomever posted their feedback, will get their response from a caring business owner. If you think your business is not listed somewhere, think again; it is. Many platforms reward their users for listing a new business.

  •  Delivered Weekly or Monthly:

On the DIY - do it yourself verision or the full service reputation management program, your reports come to your email address. All reports are in PDF format that quickly resizes to whatever device you're using. The full service reports allow you to click on each area for processing from any device.

  •  Options For Service Levels:

We offer three levels, DIY - do it yourself, DIWM - do it with me or DIFM - do it for me; because you know how best to manage your time and resources. A little investment goes a long way to earn more money, get more customers and keep more customers.