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If you already use processes like email marketing, printed collateral, direct mail, and social media then adding text marketing will be a walk in the park.

One of the best ways to improve customer retention rates is with a Text (SMS) powered marketing and loyalty program. Text marketing will make your current and new customers shop, earn and return time and time again, when done right.

Following are several reasons a well planned and executed text marketing strategy can and will grow any business.

Customer Appreciation

Communicating with and showing your customers that you care about them is effective as a customer retention method.

According to many studies, loyalty programs have been proven to increase customer retention rates by 30% or more. That's mainly because a well planned loyalty program incites customers to visit a place of business more frequently while encouraging them to spend more each time they visit your store.

Eliminate The Competition

Push your business ahead of the pack in more ways than one to remain successful and profitable; Text marketing can help and studies show that a text messaage is hardly never ignored, even to delete it.

An easy and cost effective way to shift market share from the competition is with a text marketing strategy. Think about it: wouldn’t you be more inclined to return to a business that stays in touch and offers you rewards for being a loyal customer over a business that didn’t? We all do, your customers are no different. Your competitor is doing it and so should you in order to keep your customers.

Everybody Loves A Deal

An important aspect, of any loyalty marketing program, that one needs to focus on to grow a business, is the reward being offered when the end goal is reached by the participating prospect or customer.

A text marketing loyalty program enables you to offer your customers amazing money saving coupons and deals that they will respond to (and share) to continually build store traffic. The catch is, of course, that they need to spend money in order to earn or win that reward.

With a loyalty reward program sign up, the participant has actually turned getting the reward into a personal goal, something they want. That is why text loyalty marketing works. To sum it up, Text Marketing, combined with all your other digital marketing efforts, especially social media, will incrementally improve your revenues, drive your brand and your loyalty program.

Program Features & Benefits:

  • Two-Way Texting: Enables a two-way communication experience between staff and customers alike with "In Box".
  • Mobile Coupons: Create custom one time use mobile coupons that can be added to each consumer’s personalized message.
  • Landing Pages: Create mobile optimized landing pages for all your messaging and email to track results and instant action.
  • Appointment Reminders: The appointment tool helps you create, remind and confirm any upcoming appointment with ease.
  • Birthday Wishes: Show your appreciation to your customers on their individual birthdays - automated function.
  • Text to Win Interactions: Capture your audience by running an SMS sweepstakes program of their choosing.
  • Auto Responder: Produce timed campaigns that capture their customer’s attention with updates and offers.
  • Social Integration: Send offers, messages, and sales alerts directly to their social media accounts. 
  • Kiosk Builder* & Integration: Sign up and virtual loyalty punch cards can be displayed and activated through the kiosk.

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