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Integrated promotion of site

Effectiveness can only be considered if the efforts create leads or foot traffic. These needs are what the business owner values as most important. Without results, your money is not working as it should.

Internet portals

An Internet portal is a web-site that contains a variety of interactive services (search, mail, news, forums, service, voting, etc.) for a specific vertical. At times a portal can be a company's employee website for info.

Corporate strategies

Realigning the vision of the company - a key in the development of ideas to growth. It all began with your corporate objectives.

Internet marketing strategy

Today there are many channels and platforms, deciding which to focus on is one of the elements of success.

Special Info
For Our Prospects

We are trusted by businesses and our network of colleagues.

We provide professional services for start up or small companies that need effective strategies without breaking the bank with vendor fees. Effective strategies, open communications and thorough evaluations will ensure both sides will achieve their goals. 

We work very hard to ensure that your business becomes more successful with each passing day; our success is your success. Trust us, and you will not regret your choice.

Our Processes

Gain confidence and win the client

Once we earn confidence and the client approves our involvement, we begin our reseach because no two clients are alike. Each business has it's own goals and definition for success.

We put forth a compreshensive plan

The marketing campaign cannot begin without full knowledge of the client's standing in the local market, We investigate current customers and the desired customer base. 

Client approval of our approach 

With all research and tools in place, our marketing efforts can be approved and begin. We realize that an open door is the only way to achieve goals and maintain effective communications.

Client Programs

You have a business - we have a team that can help you increase efficiency and achieve outstanding results. Our many years of involvement in internet marketing and online business development can ensure you'll get a reliable partner. We'll be focused on providing high touch processes for your web or marketing project, growth of conversions on social media platforms leading to improvements in sales and profits.

>    Market Research - Domestic & International

>    Sales & Pricing Analysis

>    Improved Online Visibility

>    Digital Marketing Advice

>    Marketing Plan - First Year

>    Brand Development

   Sales Process CRM Integration

>    Contextual Advertising

Our Clients


We developed a strategy for mobile link company


Built sales network for the international sales

Palmer consulting

Made the rebranding of the consulting company


Developed a marketing strategy


Optimized the organizational structure


Created a website for business consulting company