Loyalty Program

The premise for any loyalty system for retail merchants is to reward the frequent customer in order to secure their ongoing patronage of your establishment. The customer shops, earns rewards and returns to spend again... and when your business performs exceptionally with customers, referrals happen.

Keep Your Customer - Loyalty Program:

Through the loyalty program feature or our mobile marketing services, business owners are able to create digital (virtual punch) cards for their customers as a useful and effective rewards tool for customer acquisition and turnaround.

Feature Benefits

  •  Go Paperless:

Ditch the printed cards, fire your printer (kidding) save trees and keep track of customers loyalty points online
Your customers are begining to catch on to digital loyalty cards, they never get lost!

  •  Simplify Your Loyalty Program:

Set up your loyalty one time and let the platform do the collecting of opt-in mobile numbers and reward calculations.

  •  Designated Messages/Checkpoints:

Set up custom messages, checkpoints, and different reward levels for your customers.

  •  Virtualization:

Because this tool is virtual it ensures that punch cards will never be lost again because it will always be on hand on the customer’s phone.

  •  Kiosk Integration:

Not only can you create personalized messages for each program, but you can also choose the length of the program as well as what the reward will be and how many points it will take to reach the goal. Virtual punch cards can be displayed and activated through the kiosk. This will ensure that their punches are valid throughout the process and making the experience as friendly and effective as possible.

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