Who is a business consultant

A business consultant can be a natural person or a legal person (LLC, corporation etc). They provide advice to other companies and industries. The scope of consultants in business includes a wide range of issues and entities in the private or government sectors. Such services are needed by small enterprises in the initial period of its' development for expert advisement; there are many unclear issues that may need an expert to resolve. Companies also have a need to change something in their process, but sometimes they do not have sufficient knowledge. Many companies name their sales department as marketing to avoid stigmas, but it did not lead to increased profits. In order to increase the volume of products sold, it's sometimes better to contact business consultants; independent business closers or individuals that have direct contact to buyers to shorten the sales/closing/delivery cycle. This will help a company understand the market and use their current structure and capabilities for improved results. If you like a consultants' work, and it brought a significant benefit and increased profits, often times it's recommended that one sign a contract with them for a  long-term relationship and build trust. Small organizations are more frequently turning to consultants who deal with narrow specializations to hasten activity in any given business segment. When choosing a consultant make note of their experience in the relevant field as well as past verifiable successes.